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The Project

What is it?

NOTS is an artistic platform that aims to approach the native cultures from Latinamerica to the new generations of artists. This project is focused on the miscenegation that happened between european, african and nativeamerican people. 


Nomads of the South was born out of the need of findind unknown origins. I consider utile renew our artistic language through our cultural past. Referring to movement, inside the Performing Arts there are a lot of different concepts that exist in the creations where the human being expresses ways of seeing the world. Using resources that help us understand and recreate different situations (realistic or unrealistic), we can experiment emotions and sensations that transform the human being and that have been transferred through the centuries. Here is where we can see how the performing arts use various situations or historic events to generate all this identities of the history of each one of us.  As an artist, I could observe how in many companies, projects and collectives, these evolutionary histories have an impact in the interpretation of the performer. The interpreter, through the movement, deepens in his identities. Nurturing and finding new ways of moving. Creating new cultural origins that come from the mixture of these past events (slavery, societies being forced to adapt into other cultures). I observed how theater companies, dance and circus have transmitted through their methodology those cultures that arrived, settled down and mixed during all the migration in Europe and America.


It happened when I was looking for a change. I started to question my past and comparing it to the others. I wanted to know how our history and origins affect our present and what are the paths that each one follows that create that singularity in every movement. As a latinamerican artist that emigrated at 20, I acknowledge that I was able to live 10 years of huge learning.

I learned different ways of observing, of living and of understanding all that new information received in Europe and EEUU. I could involve myself in the society in every aspect, specifically in the artistic one. I understood history through the education I received during my career. Uniting the tools I already had plus the new material, I realized of the big utility that it had and the capacity (each time bigger) of being able to start new investigation processes. All this knowledge made all the questions in my head grow and the need to find the answers appeared. Working for the dance companies, theater investigators and directors that created through their point of view, made me realize that I was missing very much information. Material that was of great value and that I must find. That was the moment I decided I had to go back to the american continent (specifically latinamerica) independently. I went to travel as a nomad, letting present time to guide me to what I needed to find.

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