Who am I?

Gabriel Nieto is a Venezuelan artist residing in New York City. He is an experimental movement investigator, writer, teacher, performer, choreographer and the creator of the Platform : Nomads of the South (NOTS / Movement Identity) in the American Continent, and CO-Director of the International Online / Presencial Platform VEM (Ventana De Encuentro Para El Movimiento).


At 13 years old, Gabriel began experimenting with various different types of movement such as capoeira Angola and urban dances. The following years, he added training in Salsa, Afro-cuban , commercial and contemporary dance, soon at the age of 17, Gabriel was working professionally with national and international music artists. By his early 20s, he began to broaden his vision; He moved to Europe to explore experimental movement in dance. There he trained in underground styles with his fellow Venezuelan colleagues and crew called (T-flava crew). He attended The Place Dance in London, The Dance House in Ireland, The Estudio 68 in London and participated in Dublin Dance Festival.


A few years later he moved to New York City to study at The Peridance Capezio Center to continue developing his artistic career. In this city, he trained with :  Manuel Vignoulle, Gregory Dolbashian, Michael Oliva, Sekou Hiru, Igal Perry and Jaime Salmon among others.

He is the recipient of the Ronald K Brown formation scholarship (EVIDENCE Dance Company) where he studied a variety of African styles with different masters. Here he began to understand the importance of movement and cultures in his life as a human being and as an artist.  


He has worked as a rehearsal director for Julia EHRSTRAND, José BESPROSVANY and Daina ASHBEE as well as Seed Dance Company (Taiwan). He danced for Cindy Salgado, Jessie Saretti, Cristina Cortés and Hanna Cullen (in the Met Museum NYC) . 


In 2015 and 2016 Gabriel went to Brussels, to work on a physical theater duet piece called ESPEJO with the Mexican-Belgian  Choreographer José Besprosvany & Leif Firnhaber as choreographic assistant . During that time he moved through Europe traveling between NYC and Brussels , he then took the opportunity to visit other places and investigate their cultures in  Marruecos and Congo (Africa) . In 2017  in New York he continued to work with  Cullen + them company and teaching in Gibney Dance Center NYC. In the end of 2017, Gabriel decided to create his own project and his artistic residency by the name: N.O.T.S - M.I. (Nomads Of The South Movement Identity), he would then travel all of Latin America for artistic residencies, studying the Indigenous movements, Afro-descendant movements and folklore over 4 years in 14 different countries. 

Gabriel continues working and studying in his N.O.T.S. platform and working as a Rehearsal Director for the Canadian Choreographer Daina ASHBEE. He performed her latest choreography TIME, CREATION, DESTRUCTION; (J’AI PLEURÉ AVEC LES CHIENS) in Paris and Brussels, and was the rehearsal director for her retrospective at Montpellier Danse in Montpellier France, where he assisted her to remount all of her pieces on new cast members during the global pandemic.